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713 Marvin the Album by Frente!

Marvin the Album

Festival Mushroom, Mammoth
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Frente!, Michael Koppelman, Daniel Denholm,
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Quirky, charming, and whimsical - the debut Marvin the Album by Frente! could not have been more out of step with the sound of 1992

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Led by vocalist Angie Hart and guitarist Simon Austin, Frente! emerged from Melbourne, Australia, with a sound that blended acoustic folk with a touch of alternative rock. On their 1992 debut Marvin the Album, Hart's angelic vocals combined with Austin's intricate guitar work create an intimate listening experience. It was completely out of step with the heavy Seattle sounds dominating radio playlists at the time, but the band made commercial inroads thanks to their non-album cover of New Order's classic synth-pop dance hit "Bizarre Love Triangle." For such a focused, stripped down record, some of the production choices left us scratching our heads, like an obnoxiously loud snare caked in heavy reverb, or a free jazz excursion completely out of step with the rest of the record.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Accidently Kelly Street
  • 23:17 - No Time
  • 27:00 - Cuscatlan
  • 32:38 - 1.9.0
  • 35:23 - Ordinary Angels
  • 39:58 - Most Beautiful
  • Outro - Labour of Love

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Marvin the Album