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710 Full Moon, Dirty Hearts by INXS

Full Moon, Dirty Hearts

East West Records, Mercury Records/Phonogram
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Mark Opitz, INXS
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On the 1993 INXS album Full Moon, Dirty Hearts the 80s hit-makers added grittier sounds and thicker production with some unexpected guests

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In 1992, INXS released Welcome to Wherever You Are and instead of touring, headed back into the studio for a quick follow-up. 1993's Full Moon, Dirty Hearts was the result, a mixed bag of innovation incorporating bass grooves on tracks like "The Gift" and "Cut Your Roses Down" while still writing anthemic choruses on tracks like "Days of Rust" and "Time." In the midst of the grunge takeover of America, it's not surprising the album didn't fare well with radio or the charts. While guest vocalists Ray Charles and Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders are welcome, their inclusion didn't push the needle. Revisiting the album, it's an interesting crossroads of what the band was and the sounds of the decade to come, with electronic elements sneaking in that wouldn't sound out of place later in the decade.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - The Gift
  • 21:17 - Time
  • 25:13 - Cut Your Roses Down
  • 32:16 - Kill The¬†Pain
  • 41:12 - Please (You Got That...)
  • Outro - Days of Rust

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Full Moon, Dirty Hearts