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Jeremy Toback

631 Interview with Jeremy Toback of Brad


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Jeremy Toback shares how he joined Brad, playing Lollapalooza as a solo artist, and performing music for kids

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Dig Me Out listeners know Jeremy Toback from his time playing bass in Brad with Shawn Smith (vocals), Stone Gossard (guitars) and Regan Hagar and his appearance on that band’s first three albums: Shame (1993), Interiors (1997) and Welcome to Discovery Park (2002). During the ‘90s, he also released 2 full-lengths, Perfect Flux Thing (1997) and Another True Fiction (1999), as well as a self-titled EP (1996). After being burned out by the music industry and the major label experience, Jeremy took some time off before discovering a new outlet for his songwriting. With the help of a long-time friend, Renee Stahl, Jeremy began recording softer lullabies for young children which eventually led to peaceful reinterpretations of popular rock songs by artists ranging from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Led Zeppelin to INXS. Renee and Jeremy’s latest single is a cover of Harry Styles’ “As It Was.” In November, Jeremy released his first new solo song in two decades, the beautifully minimalistic “Conjuring,” with an equally enthralling video.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Unbecome (from Perfect Flux Thing)
  • 4:24 - Circle & Line (from Interiors by Brad)
  • 34:26 - 20th Century (from Shame by Brad)
  • 1:08:36 - Buttercup (from Shame by Brad)
  • Outro - Butterfly Elephant (from Perfect Flux Thing)

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