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Keith and Susie of Pohgoh

627 Interview with Keith and Susie Ulrey of Pohgoh


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Keith and Susie of Tampa’s Pohgoh look back on what almost was and discuss the current state of the band

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Formed in 1994 out of punk rock roots, Pohgoh’s poppier sounds earned the Florida band comparisons to acts like Velocity Girl and Superchunk. A split single with Braid was released in 1996 and by the time Pohgoh was ready to record a full length, singer Kobi Finley had been replaced by Susie Richardson. What should have been the start of a great relationship with the newly created label Deep Elm Records wound up dissolving quickly after drummer Keith Ulrey unceremoniously quit the band after the full length, In Memory of Bab, had been recorded but shortly before a record deal was signed. Ulrey’s departure led the band to break up in 1997 though Ulrey and Richardson’s relationship developed and the former bandmates wound up getting married in 2000. In 2016, Pohgoh reunited and two years later released Secret Club on Ulrey’s New Granada Records. An opening slot on a Jawbreaker reunion tour happened in 2019 which led to the band recording another new album, Du Und Ich, which came out in October 2022.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Friend X (from The Emo Diaries Chapter One: What's Mine Is Yours)
  • 6:03 - Tell Me Truly (from In Memory of Bab)
  • Outro - Try Harder (from Secret Club)

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