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Chad Fischer

591 Interview with Chad Fischer of Lazlo Bane and School of Fish

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Chad Fischer of School of Fish talks with us about the shifting tides of the 90s, becoming friends with Colin Hay, and making a music living

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Though Chad Fischer’s musical resume begins with School of Fish, the drummer didn’t play on either of the band’s two full-length albums. Just before the recording of 1993’s Human Cannonball, Fischer was fired by producer Matt Wallace who brought in session drummer Josh Freese to play on the album. When Freese was unable to tour with School of Fish due to other commitments, Fischer rejoined as the live drummer until the band broke up shortly thereafter. Knowing that he wanted to make a living in music, Fischer acquired gear and built a recording studio where he recorded not only his post-School of Fish band, Lazlo Bane, where he sang and played guitars, but worked on a number of releases by artists like Star 69 and Jeremy Toback. A chance meeting with Colin Hay (Men at Work) resulted in a personal - and working - relationship that continues to this day. Perhaps Fischer’s biggest musical accomplishment, however, was writing the song “Superman” which became the theme song for the long-running NBC comedy, Scrubs. These days, Fischer is writing, recording and producing for TV and movies, staying busy by releasing cover songs (and videos) and starting to work on new Lazlo Bane material.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Superman by Lazlo Bane (from All The Time In The World)
  • 7:47 - Alone Again by Chad Fischer (from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs soundtrack)
  • Outro - 3 Strange Days by Lazlo Bane and School of Fish (from Someday We'll Be Together)

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