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548 Too Many Days Without Thinking by Swell

Too Many Days Without Thinking

Beggars Banquet
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Kurt Ralske, Swell
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On their fourth album Too Many Days Without Thinking, Swell make the most of acoustic moodiness, jittery rhythms, and frazzled distortion

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Plenty of bands messed around with a lo-fi sound in the 90s, sometimes to euphoric effects, sometimes not so much. Swell dabbles: a white noise fractured guitar lead here, a flat acoustic guitar riff there. But on Too Many Days Without Thinking, they are merely small pieces of a more layered puzzle. Had it been played on Les Paul's through big amps, the album would have sounded very familiar, so dialing back the noise and putting it to sparing use helps elevate the band above their 90s rock peers.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Make Mine You
  • 14:27 - When You Come Over
  • 19:08 - Throw the Wine
  • 22:36 - What I¬†Always Wanted
  • 29:01 - (I Know)¬†The Trip
  • Outro - F*ck Even Flow

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Too Many Days Without Thinking