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354 Woman’s Gotta Have It by Cornershop

Woman’s Gotta Have It

Warner Bros.
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T. Singh
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The album shifts between rhythm driven “Hindi Pop” and jarring, dissonant indie guitar rock.

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Cornershop’s 1995 sophomore album Woman’s Gotta Have It gives a hint of the hit they would release two years later. The album shifts between rhythm-driven “Hindi Pop” and jarring, dissonant indie guitar rock. While both have their merits, the melodies flow smoother on the former leaving the latter wanting. This album may have been out of step with the UK Battle of Britpop taking place between Blur and Oasis in 1995, but we contemplate if the sounds of Woman’s Gotta Have It would influence Damon Albarn’s songwriting on future Blur releases.

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Songs in this episode

  • ‍Intro - Wog
  • 8:48 - My Dancing Days Are Gone
  • 12:09 - 6am Jullandar Shere
  • 22:05 - Hong Kong Book of Fung Fu
  • Outro - Camp Orange

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Woman’s Gotta Have It