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The Almighty

244 Powertrippin' by The Almighty


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Mark Dodson
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The Almighty give us down-tuned guitars, double bass drum pedals and Motorhead meets Alice In Chains riffage on 1993's Powertrippin'

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We’re getting to one of our own picks, and Jason has brought us some prime debate material - 1993′s Powertrippin’ by The Almighty. Down-tuned guitars, double bass drum pedals and Motorhead meets Alice In Chains riffage, this band made zero impact in the United States, but their sound is familiar to anyone who has listened to hard rock in the last 20+ years. Has all that time made the band sound derivative, or were they from the start?

Does This album bring back some great vibes?

Remember when you first discovered this album? We’re grateful to dig into these hidden gems and bring them the attention they deserve. Your support helps us uncover more albums deserve another moment in the spotlight.

Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Instinct
  • 5:40 - History of the Band
  • 19:36 - Out of Season
  • 24:39 - Takin’ Hold
  • 28:48 - Sick And Wired
  • 35:24 - Meathook
  • Outro - Powertrippin’

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