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Lisa Germano

219 Excerpts from a Love Circus by Lisa Germano

Excerpts from a Love Circus

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Paul Mahern, Lisa Germano, Bill Bottrell
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The 1996 album Excerpts from a Love Circus by Lisa Germano is stark, dissonant and caught us off guard, which may be a good thing

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By request we’re checking out the 1996 album Excerpts from a Love Circus by Lisa Germano. Working in a space filled with stark and occasionally dissonant sounds, the relaxed vocals combine darkness and humor in a way that caught us both off guard. While you won’t want to put this on your workout mix, we had a lot of fun (? I guess) discovering the world Lisa Germano inhabits on Excerpts.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Lovesick
  • 3:36 - History of the Band
  • 12:41 - A Beautiful Schizophrenic /“Where’s Miamo-Tutti” by Dorothy
  • 18:38 - Victoria’s Secret/”Just a Bad Dream” by Miamo-Tutti
  • 21:59 - Lovesick
  • Outro - Bruises

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Excerpts from a Love Circus