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103 One Day At A Time by Symposium

One Day At A Time

Infectious Records
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Clive Langer, Alan Winstanley, Matt Gregory, Clive Martin
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We kick off season three with the 1997 album One Day At A Time by Symposium, a Britsh band that ignored Britpop for American pop punk.

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For our first episode of Season Three, we’ve got a requested review: the 1997 album One Day At A Time by Symposium. Once the “it” band for NME and Melody Maker, the band fell as fast as it rose, while it’s brand of energetic pop punk seemed more in step with American bands like Green Day and Blink-182 than it’s brit-pop contemporaries Oasis and Blur. The young band knows how to write a melodic hook, but do they know how to seamlessly integrate ska? Tune in to find out.

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Songs in this episode

  • ‍Intro - Drink the Sunshine
  • 2:30 - History of the Band
  • 8:44 - Farewell to Twilight
  • 10:24 - Puddles
  • 15:54 - One Day At A Time
  • 20:07 - Smiling
  • Outro - Fear of Flying

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One Day At A Time