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May 21, 2019

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Paw - Death to Traitors

the real torry

Great podcast, thanks for including Paw. Still a fan over twenty years later. Mark’s a great individual and still stays in touch with Paw’s fans. Paw live are/were phenomenal, never disappoint.

90s Indie Rock Heaven


Great podcast for anyone interested in 90s indie rock. A sure way to discover both forgotten favourites and new musical discoveries alike, Dig Me Out certainly scratches a certain sonic itch. With its two hosts who have a knowledgeable background in the genre and the occasional special guest, this will have you scouring iTunes, record shops and even your dust covered record collections for albums you've long forgotten you ever loved. Essential listening for those invested in 90s alternative music nostalgia.

Great show!


Love 90s rock and these guys are great to listen to talk about it.

436 One and Done Bands of the 90s